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A Playlist For Mourning North Carolina’s Bigotry in Passing Amendment One Tonight:

1. "Ain’t No Reason" Brett Dennen  

2. "Going to a Town" Rufus Wainwright

3. "Hold On To What You Believe" Mumford & Sons

4. "Swim Until You Can’t See Land" Frightened Rabbit

5. "Tomorrow Will be Kinder" The Secret Sisters

6. "Just You Wait" from My Fair Lady 

7. "It Gets Better" fun. 

8. "Stronger" Kelly Clarkson

9. "Born This Way" Lady GaGa

10. "We’re Not Going to Take It" Twisted Sister

(feel free to make your own in response; let’s commiserate together). 

I thought we were better than this, North Carolina.

Guess i was wrong. But don’t think for one second we’re going to lie down and take this - this fight is far from over. If we could overthrow the ban on interracial marriage, we can undo this. 

solemnly swearing to be up to no good.

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